Examples of concession words in IELTS Writing

Examples of concession words in IELTS Writing Smiley Pear Blog
Examples of concession words in IELTS Writing

Examples of Concession Words in IELTS Essay Writing

In this lesson, we are going to look in to common concession words in IELTS essay writing. These words are also called linking words of concession and contrast and are used to improve the quality of your Ielts essay writing.

There are concession words that are mostly used and are therefore considered as weak in ielts essay writing.

Example: I think, but

In IELTS essay writing, there are other examples of concession words


1.                  Although                                 Still                                         After all

2.                  Of course                                 Sometimes                              Nevertheless

3.                  Once in a while                       Thought                                   Alternatively

4.                  Naturally                                 Indeed                                     Notwithstanding

5.                  True that                                 At any rate                              On the other hand

6.                  It may appear                          True    

7.                  Due to                                     Owing to

8.                  Thanks to                                Prefer to

9.                  Confident that                         Suppose

10.              Somewhat                               In my opinion

11.              It seems                                   Appears to me that

12.              Inclined to                               Since                                      

21                Admittedly                             It is true

13.              That said                                 Nonetheless

14.              Despite                                    Though

22.              However                                 Even though

23.              In spite of                                Although it is

24.              At least                                    While it may be

25.              Certainly                                 Granted that

15.              In spite of that                         Alternatively

Concession Clause in IELTS

A concession clause is a clause which starts/begins with “although” or “even though” and expresses an idea that shows the opposite of the main part of the sentence


“Although he’s poor, he bought the expensive television”

The above sentence begins with a concessive clause “Although he’s poor” this has an opposite meaning “he bought the expensive television” forms the main part of the sentence.

“Despite” “In spite of” are synonymous to “although” or “even though”, they don’t show/introduce clauses. They are followed by nouns.

These concession words are greatly encouraged in IELTS writing to add value to your writing, boost your vocabulary and band score.


You can add more of concession words used in ielts essay writing…Thanks!

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