IELTS Academic and General Differences in Writing Task 2

IELTS Academic Topics:

  • It’s in the form of a project or thesis writing
  • The topics are a little more difficult than the general ones
  • The topics are theoretical and academic than the general ones
  • The topics include a wider range example: science technology, government spending

IELTS General topic/questions:

  • It is in the form of an essay writing
  • The questions are easier than the academic ones
  • They are common topics such as family, TV, society, communication, schools, etc
  • The topic of the questions are usually based on work and social trends
  • In IELTS, it has a standard of 250 words

The Similarities between IELTS Academic and General for Writing Task 2

  1. The criteria for marking and band score are the same for both IELTS general and academic in writing task 2
  2. The technique for writing an essay or thesis is the same for both IELTS academic and general
  3. The length and timing are the same for both IELTS general and academic students which is 250 words for 40 minutes
  4. The students for both IELTS academic and general training make use of the same official writing answer sheet where they will be required to select/ tick their own choice of training category.

Tips in IELTS Writing Task 2

These are the step by step guide in IELTS writing task 2

  1. Analyze: Make good use of keywords and spend time understanding the topic/ the question
  2. Plan: Construct your ideas well and make use of supporting points
  3. Paragraphs: IELTS standard paragraph is 5. You can use 4-5 paragraphs making sure you have an introduction and a conclusion
  4. Topic sentences: Let the first sentence of the body paragraph contain the main point
  5. Linking words: Make good use of linking words to add value to your writing and boost your score
  6. Details: Your ideas should be well explained and in details
  7. Clarity: Your letter should be clear and comprehensive enough

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