Points To Consider In IELTS Essay Writing

Points To Consider In IELTS Essay Writing Smiley Pearl blog

A Good IELTS Letter Writing Should Have the Following Considerations

  1. Understand the type of question you are asked and identify the main keywords. It can be either:
    • Opinion essay
    • Argumentative essay
    • Problem and solution essay
    • Discussion essay
    • Advantage and Disadvantage essay
  1. First brainstorm different ideas and organize them in a proper paraphrased manner
  2. Get familiar with the common topics
  3. Employ your personal opinion
  4. Make good use of time management
  5. Make good use of lexical resources such as a sufficient range of vocabulary, correct spellings, word formation
  6. Break down your ideas into Paragraphs: An essay with 4 paragraphs is ideal for IELTS essay writing, following the structures below
    • Introduction
    • Body paragraph 1/ Problem Paragraph
    • Body paragraph 2/ Solution Paragraph
    • Conclusion
  1. Make good use of linking words otherwise known as concession words. Be very flexible with this words as they will add value to your ielts essay writing and boost your band score
  2. Your IELTS essay writing should be written in full details, allowing the linking words flow well with the rest of the essay to maintain cohesion
  3. Use formal language and then complete your answer in two to three lines
  4. Your essay should be clear enough to understand.
  5. Your essay should be 250 words

Further Steps In which We Can Structure Paragraphs In Ielts Essay Writing Are:

  1. Paragraph 1- Introduction
    Sentence 1- Paraphrase the question in your IELTS essay writing
    Sentence 2- Outline the sentence

  2. Paragraph 2- The body paragraph 1
    Sentence 1- State the problem
    Sentence 2- Explain how this problem will affect you
    Sentence 3 – Examples

  3. Paragraph 3- The body paragraph
    Sentence 2- Explains the benefits of these solutions
    Sentence 3- Show examples

  4. Paragraph 4- Conclusion
    Sentence 1- Summarize the main points of your ielts essay writing and say which is better and explain your choice.


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