Points To Consider In IELTS Letter Writing

Points To Consider In IELTS Letter Writing Smiley Pearl blog

Points To Consider In IELTS Letter Writing

Points To Consider In IELTS Letter Writing For General Training Writing Task 1

The following steps/tips should be put into consideration when writing your ielts letter for general training writing task 1

  1. Identify the type of letter you want to write
  • A formal letter
  • An informal letter
  1. The purpose of the letter




Applying for a job

Letter of complaint to a bank

Letter of an inquiry from a company

Informal letter

Thanking a friend

Letter of apology to your mum


An invitation from a friend to work in his company

This type of letter defines someone you have a close personal relationship with such as a friend concerning a work which is a formal issue (informal relationship involving a formal deal like work)

  1. Opening letter/Salutation
  • Formal letter – Dear Sir/Ma
  • Informal letter- Dear John, Hi John
  • Semi-formal- Dear John, Hi John
  1. Start your letter appropriately
  • Formal letter- Dear Sir/Ma.

I am writing to….

  • Informal letter- Dear John.

I hope you are fine?

  • Semi-formal- I’m just writing to say thank you for the offer of joining your brand
  1. Divide your letter into paragraphs
  • Introduction
  • Problem
  • Solution
  • Conclusion
  1. Close your letter
  • Formal letter – Yours sincerely
  • Informal letter- Your brother
  • Semi-formal letter- Take care,/ All the best

There Are Essential Letter Writing Tips/ Steps for IELTS General Training Writing Task 1

  1. 20 minutes should be spent on this letter
  2. A minimum of 150 words must be written ( between 170-180 for safety)
  3. In ielts letter writing, an address is not needed
  4. Identify whom you are addressing the letter to and the relationship you share with the person to decide the style and tone of writing
  5. Identify the purpose of the letter
  6. The letter should be well-structured with 3 points and the foundation of the information provided
  7. All points should be included in your ielts letter writing to boost your score
  8. Make use of your imagination to fill in details in the letter
  9. Start your letter by addressing the person you are writing to and then an opening line. Always sign off well.

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