Step By Step Guide On How You Can Prepare For Your IELTS Exam

Step By Step Guide On How You Can Prepare For Your IELTS Exam and Get a Band 9

The Following Step By Step Guide Can Get You Prepared For Your IELTS Exam/Test

  1. Take the IELTS preparation course
    • Learn about each IELTS test section, every question type, and make research on what the IELTS examiners are interested in.
    • Practice with sample test questions for each of the sections
  1. Prepare and study
    • Attend a free IELTS master class presented by an IELTS expert or tutor, this will give you the opportunity to build your knowledge, and get a high score.
    • Be ready to demonstrate your English Language skills
    • Get familiar with the format of the test and graphic
    • Have an understanding of the test format
    • Get familiar with the content of the test, questions and task types for each of the section
    • Practice the IELTS rules and regulations which are in the application form
  1. Practice from a good number of official IELTS materials to access your ability and be fully prepared for your IELTS exam
    • Practice with tests and answers which are available on the IELTS websites, books, the British council website, CDs, and YouTube videos
  1. Learn about what to expect before the test day, on the test day and after the test day

What is an IELTS EXAM?

The IELTS exam measures your skills in reading, speaking, writing, listening in the two categories of IELTS- General training which is for candidates for higher education and academic training for candidates who want to work or migrate to other countries. The countries offered by IELTS are Canada, New Zealand, Australia and UK.

The IELTS training is sponsored by two bodies:

    • The British council
    • The IDP council

While considering the preparation for IELTS exam, you also put into consideration the criteria for taking the exam

The Criteria for IELTS exam

Eligibility: Anybody who is above the age of 16 years is eligible for the IELTS training.

IELTS validity: The IELTS exam is taken four times a month and it’s valid for 2 years

The registration is done through the IELTS website , where you get to choose your preferred category/training (General or Academic) and confirmation will be sent to you with the venue details 5 days prior to the test date.

After which you are required to fill in the application form

It is advisable to register a month in advance to secure your preferred date and chosen center

IELTS exam fee: This differs in each country

The IELTS Exam Pattern and Syllables

Reading Listening Speaking Writing are all 24 hours minutes

The listening, reading and writing sections are all taken at a stretch without a break while the speaking section is taken 7 days before or after the exam.

In the listening section, 40 minutes will be given to answer questions based on a prerecorded audio. This section is a conversation related to everyday life; Academic subject and social life.

The speaking section has 15 minutes in which the examiner will speak on a wide range of topics such as work, family, interests and studies, a topic will then be given to speak on and a minute to prepare for questions. And finally the examiner will ask questions on the same topic.

The reading section is a 60 minutes test and it’s a long test from many sources. This section has 40 questions and the purpose of it is to evaluate your reading skills and your ability to comprehend the logical argument and the writer’s opinion.

The writing section: This demonstrates your ability to describe text, data, figures and graphs for academic students while semi-formal, formal and informal letter for general students.

The band score is evaluated on a scale of 1-9, it could be in whole numbers like 6, 7, 8 and 9 or fractions like 6.5, 7.5, and 8.5. The IELTS exam is released 2 weeks after taking the exam

How to Apply For the IELTS Exam

    1. Find an IELTS center
    2. Register and pay online
    3. Download an application form
    4. Complete and submit the form, with a copy of your valid international passport
    5. A date and time of your test will be sent to you

On the day of the IELTS exam

    1. Get registered before sitting
    2. Get a photo taken
    3. Get your finger print scanned
    4. Get your personal belongings outside the room
    5. Get seated in the test room
    6. Wait for instructions from the examiner

Time for the test

    • Listening test- 9am
    • Reading – 9.50-10.50am
    • Writing- 10.55am-11.55am
    • Speaking is done on a different day by 12.40pm

After the exam day

    1. Result is released 13 days from the test date
    2. Login in with your ID number and candidate number
    3. One test result per candidate.


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